Starlink Kenya: Starlink is now in Kenya

Starlink Kenya: Starlink is now in Kenya

Starlink Kenya: Starlink is now in Kenya

Starlink, which is a satellite internet service provider managed by SpaceX, a company associated with the renowned billionaire Elon Musk, is now in Kenya.

Musk announced the launch of Starlink’s internet services in Kenya through his twitter account on July 18th 2023:

“Starlink for sale in Kenya.
Note, buying a Starlink with global roaming allows you to travel almost anywhere.”

With speeds of over 150mbps, starlink is expected to speed up downloads, facilitate seamless virtual conferencing, and enhance online streaming. Starlink Kenya users are also expected to enjoy the internet connection notwithstanding where they are or travel to.

The service is already available in 44 countries as of July 2023 and uses low level satellites to offer high speed internet connection with low latency. The technology involves numerous ground stations that communicate with the satellites, which then transmit signals to Starlink users. SpaceX targets to launch more such satellites to reduce dependency on the ground stations.

Starlink aims to help those in poorly connected areas due to unreliable traditional landline connectivity, access better internet services and thus boost the digital infrastructure in Kenya.

Starlink comes in 3 kits: standard kit, high performance kit, and flat high-performance kit. The standard kit targets individuals using the internet for everyday activities like video calls, video streaming, and playing online games. The high-performance kit is relevant to businesses and enterprises while the flat high-performance kit is for those operating in challenging environments. The flat kit is created to survive extreme environments and utilizes advanced GPS capabilities ensuring a wider view.

A complete order of Starlink’s kit includes a Wi-Fi router, Starlink dish, mounting tripod, power supply mount, router mount, and associated cables.

What is the cost of Starlink internet service in Kenya? With an average of KES. 89,000 you can have your Starlink kit order delivered for use. However, this pricing might change in future with changes in market trends and advancements in the technology. Keep checking Starlink’s official website for the correct prices.

Karibu Connect, an internet company operating in East Africa, will be the first official distributor of Starlink’s internet in Kenya, offering 24/7 support to users.

To cool the heat, Safaricom, one of the local internet service providers in Kenya, has partnered with AST Spacemobile to offer satellite internet services in the country on a 50/50 partnership.

The entry of Starlink in Kenya will definitely be a game-changer in internet service provision in the country, with local providers having to adjust.

Hope you order yours soon.

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